draw me close


On the sky so blue…
Stars and moon stuck with glue…
Cool breeze blowing without any clue…
Colors of flowers seem so true…
Birds are singing in the world’s hue…
Breaking illusion, God is giving a clue…

Saying to His dear ones-
Listen to me, I am there…
Look at me, I am in each one of you there…
Search for me, I am everywhere…
Feel me, I am within you my dear…

Don’t you feel the expression of my love through these different colors of life…!!

These rivers of cold water making their ways through the obstacles,

Mountains covered with ice standing up straight,

Huge green trees moving in air with ecstasy,

Pleasant moonlight in the dark night,

Infinite tiny drops of rain falling from the roof of this beautiful earth ,

Fragrance of soil just after the first shower of the season,

Warmth of sunrays at dawn,

Color of the sky at dusk …

These are the gifts for you my dear…
Share them with your brothers and sisters…
Love and respect them from your heart…and I will love you forever…!!!

Stay Healthy, Stay Inspired, Keep Rising, Keep Shining
Yours Only, Keshav.

Copyright © Keshav Sharma


7 thoughts on “GOD WANTS TO TALK TO YOU

  1. Indeed your words realizes the reader the presence of lord all around in their ambiance and his language to speak with us!!!…..awesome Keshav!!!!!!

    Asmithaaa….Never have an end!!!


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