There is something within me,
I don’t know what it is,
I feel like crying when my loved ones are in pain,
I feel like shining when I see my dear ones growing,
That compassion for strangers on seeing their pain,
Something fills my Heart,
I am overwhelmed with your love,
My trust in you grows day by day,
You handle this world so perfectly,
Please make me your medium to serve.

Entering the state of tranquility is filled with ecstasy,
I want to lose myself there,
where I am no one,
where I am YOU.

Stormy nights tend to shake my trust,
But deep in my Heart, I know…
that YOU are with me, within me,
I can feel YOUR fragrance,
I can feel YOUR grace,
I can feel YOUR love for me and all of my brothers and sisters,
I want to sleep at your feet,
I want to want to rest there and serve you,
I want to dive in THE OCEAN OF YOUR LOVE !!

Stay Healthy, Stay Inspired, Keep Rising, Keep Shining
Yours Only, Keshav.

Copyright © Keshav Sharma


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