Home Sweet Home

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Home Sweet Home

We talk so much about improvement around us but have we ever noticed what all we do throughout the day? We have our so called favorite flavor of chocolates but where does the wrapper go? Yes, it goes on the road. We know eating fruits is good for health but where does the leftover go? It goes outside the window of your lovely car which you don’t want to spoil. To whom all these roads and places belong? To some aliens or our enemies? These belong to us. Then why the heck we don’t care about it. Do we really deserve to complain about bad policies of government, bossy nature of our seniors and other people’s ignorant behavior? Take a minute and think. In which direction are we going? We talk so much about changing the system and the world, we find out faults in others. But do we have some time to observe what kind of damage are WE doing?

Today, parents, in front of their kids, do such things. What will they learn? Then we say today’s generation is very careless. They are doing what we are teaching them, what society is teaching them. And we are the society; we are, unknowingly, giving space to such bad habits which we usually ignore because it’s not our so called Sweet Home which is getting spoiled. We think that it’s a planet of some aliens whom we don’t know. Then why do we need to give a damn. Huh. We wake up every morning physically but when we’ll wake up morally? We call ourselves human. Do we really deserve this tag? I know people have the answer to it. They’ll tell, I am too busy in my own life, who has the time to think about this nonsense? Mr. Intelligent, have you ever noticed that this careless attitude is making your and others’ lives hell. It’s not just about throwing waste here and there. It’s about the attitude which gives rise to such things. And this attitude collectively affects the society and people living in it. So please wake up. Just the human tag will not do. We really need to be human from within and expand our thinking. It’s our and everybody’s sweet home so please make it a heaven, not hell.

Stay Healthy, Stay Inspired, Keep Rising, Keep Shining
Yours Only, Keshav.

Copyright © Keshav Sharma

home sweet home


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