The natural instinct of animal to save itself in the situation of insecurity is very much embedded in humans also, he may feel insecure according to the thought process he has developed throughout his life. Some situations may create a sense of insecurity for one but same situations may seem to be challenges or opportunities to grow and learn for another. It depends on the thinking level of the person. It depends on him whether he will grow or just try to escape from the circumstances. By default, one’s reaction is to escape which is a trait of an animal but when he tries to face the challenge head on and tries to improve, learn and convert it into an opportunity then the quality of a true human emerges.

Feeling of insecurity gives rise to competition among people. And in one sense it is also good because it gives a chance to improve oneself. In today’s world, we can see this boom of cut throat competition in almost all the fields of life, be it corporate world, politics, education, social activities, etc.

We, as humans, have the basic tendency to do something better. But we need to introspect. whether we are truly aspiring to do something better by improving ourselves or we are just trying to pretend to be better than others by pulling the leg of some other person. In this rage of competition, we sometimes forget that we need to compete with ourselves and not with the people around.

Let me give you one example. Each of us has seen a garden full of beautiful, different kinds of flowers. All of them fully blossoming, shining and giving their own fragrances. They never compete with each other to be more beautiful and fragrant. Instead, they add to the nature what they have already and increase it hour by hour, day by day. They become more colourful, more fragrant and bigger in comparison to their own version few hours or days back. This garden of life becomes beautiful with the diversities of people and the unique value they add. But when we start comparing ourselves with others, we kill that sense of uniqueness in us and others.

Now the only difference between an animal and a true human can be understood. When insecurities come, competition arises, animals fight and try to suppress others so that they can survive comfortably. But for a true human, whenever adversities come, he tries to improvise himself so that he can perform in a better way and prove his worth rather than pushing down the fellow being. In today’s world, we are behaving more like an animal. We think that if we have to survive then other has to suffer. Do not forget my friends, we are not complete without each other’s virtues.

If there are two lines drawn on the black board and we want to make the first line bigger then we do not need to shorten the second line. Just increase the length of first line. We have to grow by constructing rather than destructing.

Remember, a bouquet with different kinds of flowers is always better than a bouquet with same flowers. Contribute your uniqueness and welcome others too, then only we can make this world beautiful in a true sense.

Stay Healthy, Stay Inspired, Keep Rising, Keep Shining
Yours Only, Keshav.

Copyright © Keshav Sharma


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