The Game has begun, when will YOU start ???

The Game has begun, when will YOU start ???
The Game has begun, when will YOU start ???

The Game has begun, when will YOU start ???

In our life, broadly, we live two kinds of phases. In one phase, we learn in a protected and controlled environment and in the other, we are free to do everything on our own (uncontrolled environment, the real world). In someone’s life, these phases can be distinguished individually and sometimes we have a good mix of these phases. But actually, it does not matter when these phases are coming and going. What really matters is that we need to understand how to deal with them. In one phase, we learn and in the other, we apply. And then we again learn with our experiences.

During our childhood, we were cared a lot and pampered. We didn’t think about such things at that time. Then we became teenagers; we heard a lot of ‘Gyaan’ but we didn’t care about it because we were in the nice greenhouse provided by our parents and loved ones, which we never realized. But when we started doing our stuff in this world on our own then we realized our strengths and weaknesses. We started learning from our mistakes. The old ‘Gyaan’, which we heard a couple of years ago, started emerging in the back of our minds. Because now, we have come out of that protected shell and we need to fight for ourselves. The sooner we realize this, the better we become. All the things we heard and learnt from our parents, friends, elders, surroundings, good books and from other sources will be tested now.

Let me give one example. A good cricketer does net practice with the team and other exercises also. To be a good player, he needs to practice a lot. No doubt about it. But, will the practice suffice alone? Obviously not. All the skills, he has learnt, are meaningless if he does not enter the playground and plays the real match. In the real match, there will be yorkers, googlies and fast balls. It is the time for him to use all his learning and prove what he has learnt is truly meaningful. This real experience will make him stronger than before. And when he will go back, he will be satisfied. The next time, he will perform in a better way. And that’s how a champion is born gradually. It does not happen overnight. It takes time.

Learning is incomplete without implementing it in one’s day to day life. Our life is our playground and we are the player. We need to learn day by day from each and every moment. Then by using that experience we have to play our shots accordingly. Challenges in our life are yorkers and googlies. It is up to me how I am going to play them. Nobody else will bother and neither should they bother about it. It is my journey my life. I need to improve day by day. My fight, my race is with myself. We often struggle with the thought that I want to change this and that for the good of the society. I read somewhere about it. “If you really want to contribute something good to the society then evolve yourself. No contribution can be as good as this one. ” First thing which I can change, for the good of this universe, is myself.

So, decide when you are going to play your shot consciously because the game has started already. The game has begun my friends, let’s play and learn from all the tough balls (challenges of our life). The more aware we are, the more exciting game will be.

Stay Healthy, Stay Inspired, Keep Rising, Keep Shining
Yours Only, Keshav.

(Gyaan: Knowledge)

Copyright © Keshav Sharma


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