There’s a lady for whom I have fallen from the first minute of my beautiful life on this planet popularly known as The Earth.

It’s because of her efforts that I have reached here.
She ignored my silly mistakes and made me learn sensible things throughout my life.
When I was not able to speak and understand, she was there for me.

Whenever I don’t feel well, she sits beside me.
Cold and soothing touch of her soft fingers on my cheeks and a kiss on the forehead and she says –
“Everything will be fine, my Dear…!!”

It has been around 24 years but still she goes for sleep after seeing me sleeping.
I love her so much…!!

That sweetheart lady is my MOM…
I am blessed to have her.

<3…Love you MOM…<3

Happy Mother's Day, Mom 🙂 🙂

Copyright © Keshav Sharma


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