7 ways to stay on track
7 ways to stay on track

We often struggle with ourselves in order to keep working on our goal. We get distracted, we get confused and sometimes we lose faith. We fight with ourselves, our beliefs. We try to convince ourselves that we are in the right direction. And at this moment, one single depressing thought takes us back. We feel as if we have just fallen from the terrace of a sky scraper.

What does it take to remain as firm as a rock? What does it take to keep fighting?

I want to share seven ways which can be used according to our convenience. These are the ways which I have learnt and used during my experience with life.


Taking a pause on regular basis and re-looking our path. Analyzing our positives and points to improvements. This pause can be taken in different ways by different people.
a. Taking out sometime for meditation at the starting of the day or before going to bed. Be with yourself and talk to yourself.

b. Taking a walk on the terrace or in the park. Being with the nature and recollecting your thoughts. Observing the silence.

c. Spending some time with the books of your interest. Reading books about people who have made their own path and walked on it to achieve something big.

d. Spending some time with your loved ones and people who motivate you. Connect with them regularly.

e. Pursuing your hobbies and interests seriously.

Such pauses refresh us and recharge us for the next challenge. We kill our fatigue and frustration by taking a pause.


Reminding yourself about what you want to do or keeping yourself in touch with inspiring quotes. There can be a lot of ways to it.
a. Writing it out in your personal diary and go through it daily.

b. Making a note and keeping it on your study table or work desk.

c. Making a slip and pasting it in your room so that you can see it frequently.

d. Creating a wall paper in your cell phone, laptop or computer.

e. Setting up a reminder in your phone.

f. Sharing your goal with your family and trustworthy friends so that they ask you about it whenever you spend time with them. It creates a positive peer pressure.


Taking out time to thank the almighty for all His blessings and gifts in our life. Being grateful for all the good things happened in life and for not so good things also because we have learnt something from that also. Everything happens for the best. We should have faith in His plan and keep learning on the go. We learn from our bad experiences only.


Be honest and truthful. It makes us strong and firm on our decisions. The more we hide, the more clutter we gather in our mind. We are able to think with clarity when our foundation is based on truth.


Practicing forgiveness is a wonderful exercise. It makes us feel lighter. Often we hold grudges and resentment towards several people in our life. But we forget that, unknowingly, we are carrying a huge burden on our head. The faster we forgive people, the faster we move on our path towards our dreams. And the longer we hold on to this bitterness, the weaker we become from inside. People who forgive easily are far stronger than those of who don’t.


Habit of sharing what we have. It is not always about sharing money. We can share our good thoughts. We can make people feel good about them. Sharing our love and respecting others is one of the most beautiful gifts which we can offer.


Last but the most important of all. Believe in what you want to do. Until unless you are not convinced, nobody else will and when you are convinced then you don’t need to bother whether anybody else is or not. If we believe then we can do it.
This is the most common phrase we all hear day in and out but believe me, these words can do wonders if we follow them.

You may find some of the ways too simple or you may have read them somewhere else. There might be a lot of other ways also but I have written which I have experienced personally. We can choose whatever is possible for us and use it for our betterment.

All the best for your learning experience of life.

PS: You are always welcome to add more ways to this list.

Stay Healthy, Stay Inspired, Keep Rising, Keep Shining
Yours Only, Keshav.

Copyright © Keshav Sharma


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