“I was so busy in collecting stones that I forgot to take care of my Diamond”

In this age of advanced technology and fast paced life, we have become highly efficient. We have hectic schedules and busy life. We are surrounded by a lot of people, yet we feel lonely from inside. We have all the means to feel comfortable, yet we feel too tired. We have all the kinds of delicious dishes to fill our stomach, yet we are not able to satisfy our hunger. We have all the amazing drinks, yet we are thirsty. We have so many people to talk with, yet we cannot say what we want to. We have so much to hear, yet we are not able to listen to something which can soothe our minds. We claim to see everything, yet we behave as if we don’t have eyes. We have touched almost everything, yet we are in the search of that blissful touch. Our senses have become worthless. Our mind has become like a programmed machine. Our heart is just the blood pumping organ now.

We are so busy in following our daily routines that we hardly think about where we are heading.

We know that our car needs a regular maintenance and care for its proper and reliable functioning. We know that if we don’t eat well then we’ll not be able to live healthy. We know that we should be well groomed so that we are presentable according to the occasions. We know that our home needs to be cleaned regularly to keep it livable. We know that we need to remain in touch with people to keep our networking strong. But during all this intelligence we forget to take care of the most important thing; the self, your being, your very soul. You may call it your mind, your heart, your conscience or your mental and emotional health.

Have you ever thought how important it is to take care of one’s mental and emotional health? Have you ever thought what it takes to keep your soul healthy? We need to take out sometime to feed our soul. We need to satisfy its needs and keep it in a good health. Its well being is as important as that of our physical body.

If we are emotionally and mentally healthy, then we can easily deal with our tough times. Strength of a being can be judged at the time of struggle and hardships, not when the situations are favorable. Physical health and other basic needs should be fulfilled but above all, a healthy mind is a must. It makes our efforts fruitful and makes us learn from our hard times. An increased presence of mind and a common sense are the results of a healthy soul. It shows that you take care about the needs of your mind. If you feed it on a regular basis then it will support you back whenever you’ll require it. Yes, you read it right; you need to feed your soul. It needs food, a special kind of food.

You might be thinking, how to feed your soul. Your thoughts, your surroundings and your daily routine are the ways of feeding.

• Including meditation in your daily routine is one of the best ways. It gives you the opportunity of self-introspection at greater depths of your being.

But it might not be that easy for everyone to pursue or begin with. There are other ways which can be tried in the beginning.
• To journal your learning and thoughts is also a very effective tool.

• Making a good, positive intention for the stuff you do and refreshing it time and again.

• Taking out sometime from your busy schedule and reflecting back.

• Keeping your surroundings clean, tidy and in good condition, be it your home, workplace or vehicle.

• Regularly spending some time with nature.

• Keeping your body in good health with exercising and yoga.

• Reading good and inspiring books.

• Spending time with people who give you positive vibes.

• Share your wisdom and knowledge with people in need.

These are a few ways to start with. I am also working on these ways and learning at the same time. I found them quite effective; therefore I wanted to share it with you. Hope, it may help you guys. I would love to hear from you; if you have other innovative ideas which you worked on.

Lets rise together and polish our Diamond (SOUL) 🙂

Stay Healthy, Stay Inspired, Keep Rising, Keep Shining
Yours Only, Keshav.

Copyright © Keshav Sharma


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