Photo Credits: www.freegreatpicture.com

When I see you or think about you
a breeze of happiness blows beneath my chest
which is quite heavy and pleasant.
It is as enjoyable as it happens when the day dawns and you can hear the sweet chirping sounds of birds.

When you give me a smile from your heart, it makes me feel like the richest person on this planet.
I feel as if I am standing in an open field and the sun is shining brightly,
spreading its warmth during the winter noon.

When you are sad, I become sad too.
I try to make you happy
but when I cannot…
then that moment is like when the sun sets and the day goes towards night…
I want to bring that beautiful morning back
but I cannot.

When you become upset due to something unknowingly caused by me
and I fail to make you understand…
I feel as I am ruined.
It makes me feel as I am alone in the stormy night,
no moon,
not even a single star in the sky,
which creates a fear of losing someone close to the heart.

But as a day comes after every night,
as rain comes after every drought,
as every wound heals with time,

I hope that we will meet again, some day, somewhere…
Yes, we will !!


Copyright © Keshav Sharma


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