Beauty in imperfection


I was standing in front of mirror. I heed the flaws on my skin( which is common for me all the time). Should I let the negative thoughts to bother me??? Mind towed the images of all those girls who have better skin (flawless one as per me) in front of my eyes. Suddenly my heart spoke something which jilted all passed by thoughts. Beauty actually lies in imperfection, mindfully look around, true beauty is in absence of artificiality!!!

Make up, make up tools have been used to hide the flaws. No doubt that make up enhances the beauty but in striving towards getting flawless look by makeup, unknowingly we get yielded to a thought “Flawlessness is Beauty”,… This seed is sowed in most of us today. The darkest part of this is that psychologically this is influencing us to hate the flaws we notice in our personality or the…

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