Transform your life !!

inspirational, motivational
Transform your life !!

Moments make hours,
hours make days,
days make years and
years make your life.

So imagine,
how just doing the right thing in every moment may…


Copyright © Keshav Sharma


24 thoughts on “Transform your life !!

  1. Reblogged this on Motivated Brown Young and commented:
    Great reminder that life is made one moment at a time… Motivate them young and watch them grow upward. Failure to motivate can lead them to a lifetime of trying to stand up right.



  2. Motivated Brown Young take moments in their lives to reflect on lessons learned, others mistakes, and their own to make slightly better decisions in that moment. These moments can last you a lifetime…
    Motivate the youth around you to slow down these moments and enjoy every one of them.

    Great post!


      1. Good. Please do Keshav. I will try and reblog as much of your material that fits into my various web sites as possible. Also, feel free to share the things I write.
        Perhaps we can collaborate on a written work in the future too.

        Paulette L Motzko


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