Life is beautiful for who can feel it.

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“Life is beautiful for who can feel it.”

Yes, life is indeed beautiful. Every moment of it is worth cherishing. Often we look at life as a bundle of thorns and garbage which is being laid over our shoulders. And there after we get that only because we are asking for it continuously. We fail to see what we have got already. We ignore what we have and we run for what we do not have.

You might not have riches of the world but you might be having love of your beloved.

You might not be able to succeed but you might have the learning from your failures.

You might not have brightness of the day but you might have the coolness of the beautiful night.

You might not have one thing but you might be having some other good thing.

You cannot have it all but acknowledge what you have.

The crux of the whole story is that everybody is blessed with one or the other thing which somebody else might be admiring to have. So, find out your blessings, count them and make a list. Be thankful and express your gratitude to God, your parents, spouse, teachers, friends and everybody who has ever helped you.

You have got only one life. Do you want to waste it for nothing or will you enjoy it to the fullest with what you have? The choice is all yours.

For some people this world is filled with sadness, decisiveness, violence, feeling of revenge, cruelty and all the evils but for some it is the most beautiful place to live.

They are able to see the beauty of Mother Nature,

Different kinds of fragrant flowers, tasty fruits, plants and trees,

Mountains covered with snow,

Wonderfully carved rivers,

Sweet chirping of birds,

Innocent laughter of kids,

The warmth of dawn,

The laziness of dusk,

Virtues in people around,

And happiness all around.

What is the difference?

You see what you want to see. Look around and appreciate what is nice. Appreciate the qualities and virtues of the people. Share love with people. Love people, not the things.

Nobody is perfect. Accept it from your heart. Appreciate the good in them and let them work on their not so good part. People are good at heart.

Everybody wants to live a happy life but they fail to understand how to feel it. Happiness was neither in the past nor will it be in the future. Happiness is in the present moment. Become aware of it. Allow your heart, mind and senses to feel it.

And when you are able to see the beauty of life and find happiness then share it with others.

Stay Healthy, Stay Inspired, Keep Rising, Keep Shining
Yours Only, Keshav.

Copyright © Keshav Sharma


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