Can you really buy anything?

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Can you really buy anything?

Can you really buy anything?

We consume food, water, electricity, fuels and other various resources. We pay some amount of money and think that we have bought it. As we have bought it, we use it as if it is our property. But think again. Have you really bought it? Have you really paid the actual cost of that resource?

No. You have not paid the actual worth of it and you can never ever pay. We just pay as much as it is required to make that resource available to us. The Actual worth of any resource can never be quantified in terms of money because money cannot create it. Money can just help in managing those resources.

For example, the food we eat comes from farms. The money we pay is the accumulated cost of labor done by farmers, expenses of seeds, fertilizers, irrigation facilities, transportation and food processing charges. But what makes crops grow? How nutrients and energy enter the so called grains? Are we paying for that? Are we really capable for paying that? We never thought about it. As soon as we pay the price as decided by the market, we think that it belongs to us, whether we eat it or waste it, it will be our decision. But we are wrong. The only thing is that you are fortunate enough to get those resources. You should be grateful to the almighty who is making those crops grow and turn in to something which can calm your hunger.

Let’s take water for an instance. Water is there since the creation of this planet. But the concept of money has been introduced a few thousand years ago. The worth of water can never be weighed in the equation of money. Government and other organizations charge money what is spent in order to bring water to you. So it is our duty to understand its worth and use it judiciously. We are lucky that we can get water by paying some amount of money. But think about places where availability of water is scarce and people have to walk miles to get a few liters of water.

Electricity we get, in the same way, is a result of using rivers and fuels. If rivers and fuels were not there, there would be no electricity. Fuels we use for our automobiles and other things are also the creation of nature, not of money. Money just helps in extracting and processing them. All the metals and minerals are already there in the soil. Money did not generate them. Wood from trees is a gift of Mother Nature. You pay for converting that wood in to usable forms of furniture, accessories, etc. Paper used for various purposes like books, newspapers, packing, posters, tissue papers, etc. comes from trees only. So think again before you throw them in to the dustbin unnecessarily.

I might not be able to list down all of it but the main idea for all them is the same. These resources are not our properties, these are facilities made available to us. And the facilities are always meant to be used with wisdom. It is our duty to share these resources with others if it is more than what we actually need. These are gifts and blessings. We must be careful while using them and be more sensitive. Do not forget that every individual has equal right to use it. Having more money cannot make you the owner. Instead having more money and resources is a great responsibility to share it with the individuals in need.

Be responsible, use it wisely and share it with others.

Stay Healthy, Stay Inspired, Keep Rising, Keep Shining
Yours Only, Keshav.

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