Push your limits and be a better you !!

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Push your limits and be a better you !!


Push your limits and be a better you !!

If I notice all the activities of my day, I find out that I am always trying to extend/increase my potential or I can say I am pushing the limits of my comfort zone.

Be it increasing my physical workout in order to enhance my stamina or be it meeting new people and learning new things to enhance my knowledge.

A responsible person will always be ready to push his limits knowingly or unknowingly. Generally, we do not notice it. The main thing is that we do not need to move any mountain to push our limits. We just need to do it with small-small things in our day to day life.

From going to bed on time to getting up in the morning, from doing physical workout to controlling our eating habits, from meeting new people to maintaining established relations, for everything I do in a day, I can improve a bit every day, every moment.

But the point is, if it is so easy to do then why not everybody is able to do it? According to my experience and learning, it is not easy for me to do when I am not able to clearly visualize the benefits of pushing the boundaries of my comfort zone. In a nutshell, I need to be my own motivator. When you can motivate yourself, then the level of your excitement is very high and obviously you learn more in that case.

But sometimes, it is not the motivation which makes people work for something; instead they do it out of compulsion, as they have no other way out. For e.g.

1. An over-weight person or a person with heart diseases starts doing physical exercises and controlling his diet.

2. A person getting up early just because he needs to reach office on time, not because he wants so.

3. Students studying just because they want to pass the exams, not because they enjoy studying.

There can be a lot of such examples from our lives. The point I want to drive home is that when you do something because you are motivated for it then you learn more and you enjoy it to the fullest. But when you do it out of compulsion then the scope of learning drastically decreases and you get tired of it very quickly.


So what can we do to get through such situations???

Take a pause.

Give yourself some time, at least a few minutes.

Think about what you are doing and what do you want to do.

Refresh your intention of pursuing that particular thing.


Check whether you are doing it because you want to improve yourself for better or you are doing it just because you do not have anything else to do.

If you are in the first category then it is fine, keep doing it.

But if you are in the second one then you need to work something out. You might say “I cannot change my circumstances or others who are affecting me and I have to do this”. Then you can adopt a different way of thinking about it which I usually use for myself and it helps me a lot. Try to jot down the benefits and learning you have got, you are getting and you may get in the future by doing that particular thing in your life. Even if you have to do it out of compulsion, still you can reap its benefits because now you are aware about what you are doing. When your awareness rises, then you are able to take out positives out of that not so interesting thing and you keep your learning alive. This thing helps in your overall improvement.


So while concluding the whole discussion, it boils down to three main points:-

1. Be your own motivator.

2. Refresh your intention of doing anything, time to time.

3. Be aware about what you are doing.


When all these things are kept in mind then it becomes easy to be better than what you were in your past. You increase your potential and you emerge as a better you.
Stay Healthy, Stay Inspired, Keep Rising, Keep Shining
Yours Only, Keshav.


Copyright © Keshav Sharma


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