Love people, not things !!

No matter what, if you really care about people, they care about you too. Amidst all the grey areas of confusion, we may think whether the world is mean or not, whether people really care about you or not. It may seem to be difficult to figure out but if your intention is right and you really care from your heart, then there are people out there who will understand you. You do not need to make anybody understand you. Often we think that the world is so complex and difficult to live in. We try to face something when we assume that we are against it. But when you are a part of it then why do you really need to face it. Just be in the flow, feel it, it is with you. You may feel some friction but it is not against you. You don’t need to have the whole world with you. Even if nobody is with you, you yourself are with you. Seems confusing? Right?


You. You are the part of this universe. If you can feel yourself, if you can feel your existence, if you can convince your being, if you can believe in yourself, then it is more than enough. Atleast a significant part of this universe is with you. If it is done, then the rest will follow. There will be people out there to believe in you. When you look into eyes of the people and are able to see the existence of that eternal being, then nothing could be like that. You have made it. It is what you all need to do. There is one thing common in every being which is eternal, divine and blissful. The moment you are able to connect with it, you start loving people from your heart. You love people for who they really are. You will feel that the whole world around you is changing but the truth is that you are changing. Your gaze is changing, your thoughts are evolving. You are not looking at the person, you are going beyond that. It is not about what we think, it is about what we believe in.

Take the example of a plant. When we sow a seed into the soil and water it, we know that it is there and it will grow. It will become a plant and then a tree eventually. But how you are connected to it? It is not about your thoughts which connect you to that plant. But it is your belief that you have sown a seed and it will grow. This belief makes an emotional connect with the plant. It gives you joy. No matter what, you have the strong belief that it will grow. This belief makes you care about it.

This belief is nothing but the hope, the faith, the trust and the ultimate supreme bond. This belief connects you with that eternal energy which is there in you, me and all beings out there. Unknowingly, we work on it every moment, every day. We do not know what will happen tomorrow, whether I will be alive to see this world or not. But still, I plan for tomorrow, I learn and earn for tomorrow, I save, make friends, think, love, care and finally sleep in a hope that I will wake up tomorrow. What is that? It is that hope, belief in something special, divine and eternal energy. You have such a strong faith in it then why not to have faith in yourself. And why not have faith in people. Believe me, people are good at heart. It is because of the situations which change them. And when you are able to do it, you will emerge as a better you !! Keep your belief strong, no matter what, if you really care about people, they care about you too.

Love people, not the things !!


Stay Healthy, Stay Inspired, Keep Rising, Keep Shining

Yours Only, Keshav.

Copyright © Keshav Sharma

#Motivational #Inspirational


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