Avoid choking of your mind !!

You stress so much on cleanliness for being healthy. You clean your home regularly. You clean your body by bathing. Corporation people clean your locality and if they forget it somehow, then you don’t take time to call and complain. Everybody talks about the importance of cleanliness to avoid diseases and embrace health.

But do you ever think about cleaning your mind?

It works all the time and infinite thoughts fill it continuously (research says around 60000 thoughts come in a day).

You know how to flush your toilet but do you know how to flush your mind so that it remains clean?

Don’t you want to keep your mind clean and healthy?

I will use two analogies to explain this concept.

Choking of mind

What do you do to avoid choking of a drainage? You simply clean it regularly so that the situation of choking doesn’t come at all. Right?

Your mind also works in a similar way. During the day, a lot of thoughts and emotions come and go from your mind. Negative thoughts and emotions (like fear, stress, and anxiety due to uncertainties in life) start accumulating. After sometime they start choking your mind. It stops thinking clearly and affects physical health too, leading to chronic health issues. Not just that, it also starts affecting your behavior with other people and your relationships.

So you can imagine its impact. But this can be easily avoided.

That’s why you need something on a daily basis to clean your mind so that it doesn’t get choked and you have easily flowing thoughts in your mind. It will make you feel lighter and happier.

Elasticity of mind

What happens if you stretch an elastic band more than its capacity?

It breaks. Right?

Your mind works in similar fashion. Positive thoughts and emotions have a relaxing effect but negative thoughts and emotions keep on stretching your mind. Too much of negativity around us and in our thoughts stretches your mind. You can stretch it up to a limit. After that it might break and may not be able to regain its shape. It may be permanently deformed. That’s why you need to relax it every now and then so that it can regain its original form.

You need to design a process for yourself to relax your mind and maintain its elasticity on a daily basis. Regular practice will also help in increasing this capacity of mind.

The more you sweat in practice, the less you bleed in war

It goes in the same way. The more you take care of your mind to be clean and relaxed, the less stressed out you will feel during the day.

When you don’t practice to keep your mind clean, you feel so much of stress. You don’t enjoy your work. You become angry on petty issues. You shout. You lose temper. You become depressed. You feel helpless at times. Basically, you get bruises and you bleed (mentally and emotionally)

Some of you might say that getting a good sleep is enough to clean your mind. But do you really know how to get a good sleep?

That also depends on how clean your mind is before sleeping. You admit it or not, but you have to have a process for it, be it in the morning, before sleeping or during the day. These techniques may differ from person to person. It is just about lessening the burden on your mind for some time.

How to practice?

Some may choose to meditate for at least 10-15 minutes,

Or some may just sit in silence and spend time with their own self,

Or some may exercise or go for a walk in a park,

Or some may do it by observing nature for some time in the morning or evening,

Or some may listen to their favorite music,

Or some may read good books,

Or some may do it by pursuing their hobbies,

Or some may do it by playing with children,

Or some may do it by being with their pets.

There could be number of ways to do that. The only thing important is that you choose at least one of the way for yourself. And after doing it you should feel lighter. While doing such activities, you should not think about rest of the world. Then, your mind regains its power back and you feel really fresh.

The moment you’ll start giving importance to your mental well-being, it will start paying you back in the form of your regained potential. You will feel more energetic throughout the day. You will feel happy and develop the virtue of patience. You will start loving your life.

Clean mind is a healthy mind and a healthy mind leads to healthy body. A combination of healthy mind and healthy body will lead to a happy life.



Image source: http://www.healthista.com/

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Stay Healthy, Stay Inspired, Keep Rising, Keep Shining


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