A warm welcome to Keshav Sharma’s blog.

Keshav Sharma came into existence on 18th Oct 1989. Loves to take care of people around. Life has always been an interesting topic for him to ponder upon. Fond of giving his thoughts about life, motivation and love, a physical form.

Believes in :
“Beauty of Simplicity”,
“Whatever happens, has a reason, it’s there to make us learn and it happens for the best”.

This world and this life are beautiful. Best way, to respect them, is to appreciate what we have. Family, friends, those unknown faces, nature and all situations of life, are the best teachers. Learn.

He has a dream to be able to help people in making their experience of this beautiful journey (life) even more beautiful.
He’ll be more than glad if he can add something positive to your thoughts and life.
Life is to explore, so keep exploring new spheres of your wonderful life.

Go through the posts whenever you like to and let him know if you find them useful.
Comments are always welcome.

Leave your mark 🙂 and share with him, your gems of wisdom.
Waiting for you 🙂

Stay Healthy, Stay Inspired, Keep Rising, Keep Shining.

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5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Keshav, Found my way to your blog from thefickleheartbeat.com. Your space is interesting and I am impressed with your vision and passion to do something for the world, especially the corporate world. Have downloaded your research paper, will read and definitely revert. Look forward to inspiration.


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