One for the Kitchen! One for the Soul!

Hello Guys!

Hope you all are doing great.

Here, I am sharing one of my favorite videos which has impacted my life to a great extent.

It’s a Ted-Talk by a famous Stand-up Comedian, Abish Mathew, in which he shares his life experience about following his dreams.

He shares a practical way to work on one’s passion rather than just being insanely mad about one’s dreams.

This video has certainly added a lot of value to my life’s perspective.

I hope it will be of great value to you too.

Do watch it and share your insights from the video.

Have a wonderful life and KEEP GROWING!



Life is Rough, Life is Scary. Act & Grow.

One of the amazing talks by Les Brown, “Enough is Enough”.

I am sharing with you this. I hope it helps you in one way or the other.

One important thing he talks about how difficult is to act against your loved ones in order to not get influenced in the pursuit of your dreams.

You are most vulnerable to the people you love the most. You need highest courage to overcome that.

“You gotta Draw the Line”

Keep always striving, act, take risks, learn and grow.


Life is Scary, Rough and Hard, it is difficult but it is worth to fight for your dreams.